Joining Alphy is a Rewarding Experience!

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Teacher Benefits

Opportunities : A plethora of opportunities for young teachers to empower and educate young minds

Exposure : Get exposure to the latest technology in Ed-tech space with a next-gen native app and plenty of web based classes

Flexibility : ​We try to keep our courses and timings as flexible as possible to let you be in control of your timelines and plan you days effectively. Basically, you can work from wherever you want, whenever you want

Ownership : Teachers are our partners in this journey of education. The teachers can make the decisions they seem fit for passing their knowledge to the students

Our Teachers

Working with Alphy was an experience filled with prestige. It provided me with a lot of opportunities to sharpen my skillset and helped me understand the importance of time management. Excellent coordination with my superiors, timely resolution and a helping hand when needed the most - these were the highlights of the engagement

I chose to work with Alphy because of the area of work involved and the flexible work hours. The team was very helpful and supportive throughout the internship. I have polished my time management and multi-tasking skills. This internship also helped me to refresh my knowledge of aptitude exams especially subjects of Logical Reasoning

Working with Alphy was a tremendously enjoyable experience. I was constantly guided and supported, which enabled me to broaden my horizons venture into new avenues. I was given utmost creative flexibility - which gave me the freedom to teach like the way I have learnt. It was a true learning and teaching process and an adventure I will cherish

Working with Alphy was a great learning experience! I got a tremendous amount of exposure, even after working from home. It really helped me hone my presentation and communication skills. The whole team is very cool and friendly. The best part is flexibility in working hours which made managing other things with work really smooth

Working for Alphy has been one of the most exciting things with me in recent days. It feels great to have been a part of something so professional and disciplined. Along with that, there was also a personal touch to all my dealings with the organisation. The coordinator was ever helpful, and understanding regarding my problems and this encouraged me to be honest with my work. After completing the internship, I feel tremendous growth within myself. The lessons I learnt through this internship will stay with me forever

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